Mindfulness and Fertility


Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness can help women and their partners navigate IVF treatment and fertility issues with more resilience (coping ability) and more tools to manage stress.

Research has shown that mindfulness can increase chances of successful IVF treatment. One recent study showed an increase in successful pregnancy rates from 26% to 45% at six months after mindfulness training*. It is well recognised that undergoing IVF treatment is stressful and that stress can adversely impact on IVF success rates.  By better understanding the body and mind’s stress response, and learning skills to manage these, stress levels can be minimised increasing the chance of success and improving quality of life while undergoing IVF treatment, during pregnancy and in parenthood.

Sessions and Courses

Introducing Mindfulness

Have a private session to help you understand the basics about what mindfulness is and how it helps reduce stress.

Mindfulness Courses

Six and eight week mindfulness courses for IVF and fertility are provided in the privacy of your own home (or any other space you nominate – we can also provide space if required) with one or two people. It is recommended that partners/support persons also do the course. Each course is tailored to your individual needs.

Topics covered include:

Stress and relaxation
Healthy, mindful relationships
The science of mindfulness
Infertility and identity
Dealing with negative emotions
Acceptance and patience
Working with difficult thoughts
Mindfully dealing with set-backs

One-off Sessions

Additional one off mindfulness and yoga sessions for women and their partners/support persons are also available to help them keep up their practice after they have completed a course.

Note: If you are interested in a more affordable group course please contact us to express your interest and tell us what times and locations might be suitable for you.

Course Facilitator

The course is facilitated by  Thrive’s founder, Susie Hopkins. She is pictured here with her son Harry in 2015. Harry was conceived via IVF and Susie is a single mum. She is a trained mindfulness and yoga teacher, an RN and has a Masters of Public Health. She is committed to helping others reap the rewards of practicing mindfulness. Especially those doing IVF.

“I simply don’t know how I’d have done IVF, or been a single mum and started a business, if it wasn’t for my mindfulness practice.”

Me and Harry Spuare

*(Li, J ,Long, L, Liu, Y,…Li, M (2015). Effects of a mindfulness based intervention on fertility, quality of life and pregnancy rates among women subjected to first in vitro fertilization treatment. Behaviour Research and Therapy)